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Elton & Jimmy

Elton and Jimmy have been friends for many years as they grew up together in North Dakota. These guys hunt multiple species all over the world together and this October they had their first Ohio Hunting Adventures whitetail hunt together.

What an amazing hunting trip it was! 



 Elton bagged a MONSTER buck with 2 main beams on each side! What an amazing buck! 

Jimmy dropped this amazing double drop tine buck we have seen frequently on the trail cams all summer which actually was a TRIPLE drop tine buck! 


For 5 days we hunted for the largest buck on the ranch and could not get a shot on him. Caught a glimpse in the corn on day 3 but couldn't get a shot. It was a tough hunt but we ended up with a MASSIVE 380+ whitetail down in the corn field at the last minute. 

BeFunky-collage (1).jpg
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