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Lyle and Nicki have been hunting together for a very long time together and at 3 previous ranches as well as both seasons at OHA.

Over the years they have became good friends and enjoy chats and texts of successful hunts.

Nicki has guided Lyle on many successful whitetail harvests over the years and 1 accidental raccoon hunt (not our fault...that thing was going to eat us alive!!)

BeFunky-collage (1).jpg

This year may be the most memorable to date!

Arriving from Maryland to escape work for a few days as he does most hunting seasons... Lyle bagged the largest scoring buck on the ranch! This buck was a tough hunt to say the least... This buck was spotted on the ranch only twice before the day Lyle arrived at the ranch.

This was the 2nd hunter to hunt this buck.. the previous hunter wasn't successful in getting a shot on him but harvested another amazing 380+ buck!

Lyle spotted this buck and we spot and stalked him for a while. Eventually we got a good look at him and Lyle did not waste a second.. his gun went BOOM!



Holy Moley it was more exciting than ever before! Even in full rut and this guy only had 2 small spots broke on his rack and was just as massive on the ground as we had pictured! 

What a BEAST! 

400+ inches

BeFunky-collage (2).jpg
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