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Jerry, Turtle, and Kaiden

Winner of last years FREE hunt GIVEAWAY

Jerry from Indiana! 


Winner of the 2018 Free hunt GIVEAWAY! 

Last year Jerry received a phone call that would blow his mind!

He WON the giveaway hunt on the website!

He was so excited he sent his wife, Turtle a text right away with more excitement than he could handle, they were going to Ohio for his free whitetail hunt! Their grandson, Kaiden was coming with them... and they were all so excited!

After their first day of the hunt last year they had an unexpected emergency and had to cancel the rest of the hunt. Jerry and I worked out arrangements for him to come back this season to hunt his MONSTER buck! 

BeFunky-collage (1).jpg

What an amazing buck! 

Jerry just happen to be in camp on a very cold and wet couple of days... it rained the entire time. Using his trusty crossbow, they sat most of the days in the tree stand. Skyler guided Jerry on a hunt of a lifetime but could not get a shot on the buck he was after. After the hunt, they came in to warm up and throw some extra clothes on and they ventured back out into the woods for their final hunt. Nicki, Turtle, and Kaiden were hanging out in the kitchen, steak dinner was on the grill, and the daylight was disappearing at a rapid pace. We were all expecting another morning hunt the following day when Skyler pulled up on the Polaris, "Lets Go" He said. We all grabbed our coats and out with Skyler we went, we pulled up to a spot and walked a little while till we could see Jerry with a grin from ear to ear!

He got his buck with limited time left in the day!

Congrats Jerry! 

BeFunky-collage (2).jpg
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