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South Carolina World Record  bow hunter! 





 Jimmy was on a bow hunt of a lifetime at the ranch this week.

20 ft high in a tree stand with his bow ready to knock em down! Not seeing a whole lot of action on the west hill for the morning hunt, we ventured to the bottom stand for the afternoon... That was the perfect plan as this beautiful 200+ buck with a few kickers and a curly eye guard walked out. Ranged him in at 47 yards and without hesitation, Jimmy shot!

This buck dropped in his tracks! 


We celebrated this victory harvest enjoying a few cold ones around the fire in the evening and replaying the hunt over and over! 

While learning of Jimmy's travels all over the world! Jimmy has the World Record with a bow on a moose hunt and a World Record with a bow on a mountain lion hunt as well as a few others! Seeing the photos of Jimmy's harvests was a highlight of the evening with a lot of Wows and Omg! 

Memories were made and we are happy to have Jimmy join the OHA family! Jimmy scheduled his next season hunt before he left that day! I can not wait to hear about his 2020 travels when he comes next October! 

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