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Carl hunted with OHA for the first time this season and I am sure we will see him again in the future for another unbelievable hunt!

Coming in from Pennsylvania, Carl made it to camp in the afternoon, just in time for an evening hunt. Not a lot of action sitting in a tree stand but seeing movement, these guys decided the morning hunt was going to be a spot and stalk. Great choice for day 2 as it was windy and bucks were bedded down most of the day.

After lunch the guys went back out and before dark, Carl got his buck! 

What an amazing hunting trip it was!

BeFunky-collage (1).jpg

Carl takes his crossbow with him on every hunting trip he goes on. He hunts all over the US with his crossbow and has harvested many different species. At OHA this week, Skyler guided Carl on an amazing successful hunting experience! 

Carl harvested a very unique MONSTER buck!

This buck had kick stands as eye guards on both sides and the palmation on this bucks main beams was so thick, I couldn't fit my hand around it! 

Carl, I would run through a creek again for you anytime (HAHA) 

BeFunky-collage (2).jpg

Memories were made to last a lifetime!

Celebrating around the fire after dinner with some of Carl's homemade wine was a treat! 

Congrats Carl! 

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