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Janet & Lori 

Janet and Lori traveled this October to Ohio Hunting Adventures for an amazing hunt together! 

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These ladies are BEASTS!  



 Just let me tell you how amazing these two ladies are! First of all they were college roommates and lost track of each other for a few years as they lived miles and miles apart (Texas/Pennsylvania). These ladies lived their lives and now they are only about 2 hours apart and spending some much needed quality time together. 

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Girl Power! 

Janet grew up hunting her whole life and has been an inspiration to many ladies around the world through the Diva Wow ladies out of Dallas Tx. This Italian Diva is an amazing cook, she can make the process of cooking a deer heart sound absolutely appetizing! This spring her and I are turkey hunting.... I will let y'all know how it goes! 

Janet got an amazing buck at OHA... it was a tough early morning hunt. We spot and stalked her buck for what seemed like forever and she got a perfect shot on her buck and dropped him where he stood! It was a very fun and emotional hunt to say the least... laughing and having some TX whisky around the campfire! 

 Lori is a new hunter, only her 3rd year deer hunting and she got it done at OHA! She not only got her buck first but she dropped her buck with her shotgun from a tree stand! What a shot that was! While Lori was hanging out in the tree, Janet and I were about 100 yards away in a blind and watched the whole thing! Bam and down he went! 

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