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Ben made the journey from Maine this season for an unbelievable hunt! 

As an avid hunter his whole life, he wanted to try something new. After searching for the perfect ranch, he decided OHA was the place for BIG BUCKS in Ohio!

After arriving in camp.. he could not stand it any longer and wanted to get out in the woods.

BeFunky-collage (2).jpg

Ben was on a mission to harvest a monster non typical.... He was searching for a true freak!

(His words) 

Ya know the saying.. do not pass up a buck on the first day, you would shoot on the last... that was Bens motto for the week!

Skyler and Ben caught a glimpse of the buck Ben wanted and set out on a spot and stalk in the corn field. After stalking this buck for an entire day they finally got their shot! 

Patience pays off! 

BeFunky-collage (3).jpg

This MONSTER had it all.... drops, kickers, mass, palmation like you wouldn't believe! 

While stalking the whitetail of Ben's dreams, they had came across a flock of Fallow Deer. Once we got Ben's buck to the taxidermist, made it back to camp that day... Ben seen the Fallow bucks again and decided he had to harvest one! Skyler had noticed there was an injured Fallow buck from fighting and they decided to make it a team effort and both, Skyler and Ben were set out to harvest their Fallow bucks!

BeFunky-collage (4).jpg


This is a hunt like no other! 

These guys shared an amazing experience and are ready for more.. as they are planning a bear hunt together next season. Congrats to Ben and his guide Skyler on these beautiful bucks! 

We welcome Ben to the OHA  family.. we look forward to hunting next season with you and your dad!  

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