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Kent is a Buckeye!  

Growing up as a military brat and then continuing in his fathers footsteps, he has lived in many places but he graduated from OSU and has raised his family to be proud Buckeyes living right here in Ohio! 

Spending a lot of time in the airports and on military bases, Kent doesn't get as much time in the woods as he would like. 

His father raised him to love the sport of hunting and he was dedicated to add to the wall this weekend! Maybe dad will join on the next hunt :)


His trigger finger was ready! 

These guys took off on a mission in top gear.

After sitting, spotting and stalking, safari style hunting... pretty much any way you can possibly hunt, these guys did it this weekend! 

After a beautiful 10 point, clean, massive buck! 

BeFunky-collage (2).jpg


This buck was about as clean as they come with only a couple stickers... a true masterpiece! 

The bucks are starting to cluster together this time of year.

Kent and Skyler seen the buck they were after throughout the day several times but could never get a clean shot on him. With very few minutes till dark, Kent was confident in his shot and didn't waste a second! 




What an incredible time!

Dinner and a few celebratory drinks and waking up the following morning to almost an inch of snow on the ground! Kent had his hunt of a lifetime and after showing off photos of his MONSTER buck... his military buddies and himself will be back for a 2020 hunt! 

Kent, we welcome you to the OHA  family.. we look forward to hunting next season with your group!  and your dad!  

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